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Nov 12, 2014
Quarterly Reports
Quarterly Report for period ending September 30, 2014    (+ more)
Oct 24, 2014
News Releases
EMC Files Preliminary Economic Assessment On Nyngan Scandium Project In Aus...    (+ more)
Oct 14, 2014
News Releases
Results of Preliminary Economic Assessment on Nyngan Scandium Project in Au...    (+ more)

EMC Metals Corp (EMC) is a specialty metals mining group. We are focused on developing high-value specialty metal and mineral projects by applying world-class extraction and recovery techniques.
  • Our overall product focus is on strategic and specialty metals,

  • Our operational focus is on our scandium project holdings, specifically our Nyngan Scandium project in Australia and our Tordal Scandium project in Norway, and

  • Our business development focus is on applying advanced recovery techniques to specialty metals properties and projects where our technology and know-how dramatically improves economics.

EMC's worldwide exploration and development focus is on scandium project and market development, and opportunistically on select specialty metals and REE elements that may accompany scandium resources.

NOTE: EMC announced the sale of the Springer Tungsten Mine, and other Nevada mineral assets, to America's Bullion Royalty Corp. on September 16, 2013, for $5M cash. The full press release is available on the website.

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